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Our NAI is in Jakarta, Indonesia, located in the southern hemisphere 5,000km of south of Japan. The second Nitto Seiko's overseas factory was established in 1985, and we have received a lot of patronage from our customers so far. I really appreciate it.

Indonesia has a population of 260 million and is expected to grow in the future.In August 2018, we established a second factory in Delta Silicon, Bekasi so that we can deliver more satisfying products near our customers.

The first factory will be a bonded factory and the second factory will be a non-bonded factory. We will respond to various customer needs.

As a member of the Nitto Seiko group under the group's slogan "Taking new steps forward together", we will be able to participate in your work and act with the utmost effort to contribute. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the future.

President Tadashi Uehara

President  Tadashi Uehara